| NSA Spotlight of the Month SEPTEMBER 2019: Dr. Sushil Paudyal |

“My field is quite unique in the sense that not many people want to work with animals and get dirty. I want to suggest everyone to visit an agriculture farm by themselves, at least to know where your food is coming from. It’s already high time we teach our kids that milk does not come from almond or a plastic bottle. Explore as much as you can and who knows you may find your passion with animals. You need lots of practical know-how outside of textbook knowledge in this field. Challenge yourself with internships, externships, and get as much hands-on experience as possible. ” – Dr. Sushil Paudyal

Dr. Sushil Paudyal - Nepalese Student Association

Howdy, Namaste, Hola and Bonjour everyone! NSA is back with the September edition of NSA Spotlight of the Month. He is none other than Dr. Sushil Paudyal, BVSc, MS, PhD, who has been actively involved in academic career from the past decade. Dr. Paudyal is an Instructional Assistant Professor- Dairy in the Department of Animal Science at the Texas A&M University,
He is interested and primarily works in research topics that involve Dairy herd health management, Precision dairy technologies, Early detection of diseases in the dairy herd, Applied epidemiology. When asked about the things he would you give up in an instant if it got him to an even better place than he is at present, he replied NONE as he is extremely content on what he has achieved. Read his interview below:

Dr. Sushil Paudyal