| NSA Spotlight of the Month April 2019: Dr. Mahendra Bhandari |

“Find your interest as early as possible and work on it.” – 

Howdy, नमस्ते, Hola and Bonjour! NSA is back with the April edition of SPOTLIGHT OF THE MONTH.
Primarily interested in integrating plant breeding, physiology, agronomy and remote sensing for developing better techniques to study the physiological and genotypic variability in plants, Dr. Mahendra Bhandari Ph.D., who has recently completed his doctorate degree in Agronomy (Crop Science) and is planning for post-doctorate in the same field.
Dr. Bhandari has been focused primarily on the development of high-throughput field phenotyping systems in wheat breeding, with a focus on disease, yield, and water stress phenotyping. He has a goal to develop wheat specific phenotypic features (canopy height, volume, density, biomass) extraction pipeline through automated image processing and develop advanced models for estimating yield and monitoring the biotic and abiotic stress reaction. He is a person with a lot of humility and credits his success most importantly to his family for their constant support and care.
He was born and raised in the countryside of Nepal in a district named Gulmi. Despite being born and brought up in a developing country, he aims at seeing himself in one of the agriculture research institutions as a Research Scientist in the near future. This was, is, and will be possible only because of his sheer passion, perseverance, discipline, and relentless effort to reach the milestone he has set.
His suggestions to those who want to pursue a career in a similar field as he is “Find your interest as early as possible and work on it. If you like being outside and amazed by how plants grow, then you will enjoy working in the field of agriculture.”
“I think it is very important to support new students when they arrive at College Station. NSA should help them solve the problem of initial settlements. When someone comes from Nepal, he/she will experience a completely different environment. NSA should make sure the student is able to find a place to live, get a ride to get groceries and essential things, classes, courses to take, etc. If you all can pair new students with their respective department senior, then I think that will help a lot.” – Dr. Mahendra Bhandari
The NSA team wishes you for a prosperous career, and are glad that we got to learn a lot from the journey of your life to date. – NSA 2020-2021 team