“Success is always on the other side of the comfort zone” – Dikshya Khanal

Howdy, Namaste, Hola and Bonjour everyone! NSA is back with the December edition of SPOTLIGHT OF THE MONTH.
Any Guesses??? (Hint: She loves to hang out at Century Square, Lake Bryan, George Bush Library Park, and Museum)
Well, she is an epitome of a daughter, paradigm of a sister, संस्कारले भरिपुर्ण, actively participating in NSA’s events, in fact, an officer of NSA (2018-2019), and most importantly an openhearted veracious person. (The list continues… but I have to stop 😛)
She is none other than Ms. Dikshya Khanal, who is graduating this month with a Master’s Degree in Water Resources Management; primarily interested in research topics such as water quality, flood plain analysis, and water resource planning & management. She is also known as GIS Queen as she loves making geologic maps that help in a better understanding of surface and groundwater resources as is keen on learning the programming side of it too.
When asked about what question would she ask a sage if she meets one, she replied What came first? What made you a sage? What does it take to be a sage?

When asked about the tips she would like to give to the prospective students aspiring to have a similar career as her, she replied – First, make sure this is what you want to do for the rest of your lives and get you going every day you wake up. I think you will succeed in any field if you love what you are doing.
When asked about the qualities she would like to see in her man of the dreams? She replied blushingly, “He is perfect to me the way he is ☺️.”
She credits her success to her family who supported her through her good and difficult times and herself as well for the hard work she accomplished.
“I have always been a shy and introverted kid. Stepping out of my comfort zone to achieve my goals was the biggest challenge for me. There were times when I learned things the hard way. Over time I realized that it is okay to have flaws which helped to build my confidence. Perhaps, that’s why I insist that it is okay to fail multiple times and things, might not seem to be in a place where you want but keep working hard and never give up on your dreams.“- Dikshya Khanal