| New Aggie: Bucket List |

Nepalese Student Association at Texas A&M University
Going to be an “Aggie”? Congratulations! NSA at Texas A&M is waiting to welcome all Nepalese students who gets admitted at Texas A&M. If anyone need rides from the airport, need help in finding room/roommates please do not hesitate to contact us. NSA will also offer help with other things as required. There are so many things that you may need help in first few days such as grocery shopping, setting up a cell phone plan, going to the social security office, etc. Our desire is to help make this transition easier. Most of all, we would just love to offer friendship as you take a big step of walking into a new country and culture. Having said that, the time you spend here at A&M, try to make the most out of it. One such idea is having the lists of things to do, a bucket list.¬†Below is the list of activities you can add to your New Aggie Bucket List:
  • Attend Fish Camp
  • Participate in Howdy Week
  • Attend Silver Taps on the first Tuesday of each month
  • Visit the MSC Fall Open House
  • Join any of +1000 Student Organizations
  • Stand as the 12th Man during a football game at Kyle Field
  • Go to the Maroon Out game
  • Visit the George Bush Presidential Library & Museum
  • Attend the Campus Muster ceremony
  • Take a picture with Reveille
  • Visit first Friday in Downtown Bryan
  • Put a penny on Sully's Boot for Good Luck
  • Participate in the Big Event
  • Go to the "Game of Thrones" exhibit in Cushing Library
  • Walk through Flag Room in Memorial Student Center
  • Take a picture with the Yell Leaders
  • Take a weekend trip to Austin, Houston, Dallas, or San Antonio
  • Order your Aggie Ring after completing 90 hours of courses
  • Visit the Century Tree next to the Academic Building
  • Spend time in the West Gardens on West Campus
  • Visit the Bonfire Memorial