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HOWDY, Namaste, Hola and Bonjour everyone!
Nepalese Students Association- Texas A&M University will be hosting the 1st NSA Sports Weekend soon. The details about the event will be up soon!!!
Below is the list of Sports with their associated contact person:
Soccer – Ayush Upreti
Cricket- Pradeep Parajuli
Volleyball- Bishwa B. Sapkota
Basketball- Jeewan Pandey
Table Tennis- Prasmit Devkota
Badminton- Samisha Panthi
Sports Co-ordinator: Alence Poudel
Note: All the responsible contact person are requested to submit a proposal of the respective sporting event to either Jeewan Pandey or Alence Poudel. The proposal must contain following this:
– Set of Rules
– Number of players in a team
– Expected number of Participants
– Required Items for the event.

Thanks & Gig’em!

NSA Sports Weekend