Nepalese Student Association at Texas A&M University

Founded in 2008, the Nepalese Student Association at Texas A&M University aims to serve the Nepali community here at College Station, Texas and foster a sound cultural and social camaraderie. We aspire to share our heritage and accentuate our values in this cosmos as a product of our culture. as well as unite Nepalese students studying at Texas A&M.

The main purpose of the NSA TAMU is to provide a platform for the Nepalese students at TAMU to communicate with each other and with the University. NSA aims to promote and educate a better understanding of Nepalese culture and heritage to all students and to the Aggie Community.

The NSA actively participates in programs like Big Event, I-Week, and also hosts its own programs including Sports Weekend, Teej, Deusi Bhailo and Nepali Night, a well reputed and popular events in the NSA community.

More about NSA 

Future Ags!

Howdy Future Aggies!

You’ve made it till here. First and foremost, welcome to Aggieland- more importantly welcome to Nepalese Student Association at Texas A&M. We’re here to help you whether you are an upcoming Graduate student or an upcoming Undergraduate students. So if you need any questions or help, use our Contact page to write to us. We’ll help you as much as we can. Also, check out our Facebook page and send in the request to join in our Facebook group. There you can interact with the Nepalese community of College Station- Bryan, Texas and if need be, you can also find additional help from the whole community.

And lastly, we have more resources prepared for you regarding pre-departure process to arriving at College Station as well as other after arrival needs that you may have here.

Know your Officers

Howdy! Do you know your current officers? Learn about them through this short introduction page.

Any Suggestions?

We are here to listen to you. If you have any suggestions that you think can improve us, please take your time to write to us. Also, if you think we are doing a good job, let us know!

*You and your feedback will remain completely anonymous.