About us

Founded in 2008, NSA aims to serve the Nepali community here at College Station, Texas and foster a sound cultural and social camaraderie. We aspire to share our heritage and accentuate our values in this cosmos as a product of our culture. as well as unite Nepalese students studying at Texas A&M.

The main purpose of NSA is to provide a platform for the Nepalese students at TAMU to communicate with each other and with the University. NSA aims to promote and educate a better understanding of Nepalese culture and heritage to all students and to the Aggie Community.

The NSA actively participates in programs like Big Event, I- Week, and also hosts its own programs including Sports Weekend, Teej, Deusi Bhailo and Nepali Night, a well reputed and popular events in the NSA community.

Our Purpose:

  • To Serve As A Platform For Sharing Nepalese Culture And Tradition With Other Students, And To Familiarize New Nepalese Students With The American Culture.
  • To Help New Nepalese Students With Temporary Housing, Transportation, And Other Immediate Needs Upon Arrival.
  • To Guide Perspective Nepalese Students With Helpful Information And Experiences Of Current Student.

Our Values:

  • Community - Bring Nepalese people closer together
  • Service - Provided necessary help to Nepalese Students
  • Culture - Promote Nepalese Culture
  • Leadership - Follow me, and
  • Respect- We Are the aggies, the aggies are we

Current Team:


Alence Poudel

General Secretary

Bal Krishna Maharjan


Prashant Subedi

Neha Gyawali

Volunteer Coordinator

Amit Gajurel

Event Coordinator

Bibek Bhandari


Dr. Devendra Pandeya


Dr. Arjun Acharya